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06 August 2009 @ 09:18 pm
Original char application guide  

Do none of the canon characters appeal to you? Are they all taken? Want to apply to play an original character instead of one of the canons? That's perfectly fine! In fact, there may actually be more merit in doing so, but shh, don't tell anyone we said that. Original chars give you an opportunity to be...well, original.

But what if you don't know where to start? Here are some premades--general personality suggestions--to get your creative juices flowing.

NOTE: Not all of these premades are gender specific! Put twists on them: write a "wannabe" boy, or a "politician" girl. It's up to you!

Original character premades.

The wannabe.
A meeker Jenny Humphrey, she'll pander to the wishes of all girls higher on the social ladder at Constance Billard.

The drama queen.
Tries to usurp Blair and her posse at any chance she can...and with any means possible.

The artist.
An indie filmmaker, pop-art expert, concert pianist, experimenting impressionist--you name it. These girls or boys don't need their worth justified. Life is about art.

The outcast.
Who cares if this character wants in or out? He has no choice--he's permanently on the outs. But that doesn't have to stop him from trying.

The brain.
Isn't drawn in by drama at school. The brain goes to school because it's school. And has her eyes set on Harvard or Brown.

The ditz.
Guys, girlfriends, and Gossip Girl--that's all she lives for. With a mile-a-minute mouth and no smarts whatsoever, this girl is destined to be a Manhattan socialite.

The WASPoid stoner.
This guy drinks, smokes, and looks fantastic in a Nautica sweater under a Ralph Lauren peacoat. Sometimes he's a jerk...but he's a hot jerk.

The politician.
The head of half the clubs and honor societies at his school, the politician is self-grooming for a seat in the Senate someday. And he'll probably get it--his father is the mayor of New York.

The jock.
A man's man, this guy is all about football, food, and friends. (And also failing his calculus tests.)

The school slut.
Rumors run wild about this girl. Did she or didn't she? And with who? The guys want to date her, the girls love to hate her.

The humanitarian.
Uncommonly kind by Upper East Side standards. This girl volunteers 5 afternoons a week, chairs charity balls, and has been to Latin America to teach art to primary school kids.